Cirrus Logo Matt Westover, Wildlife  
Wildlife Biologist

Matt is a wildlife biologist with field experience working with a range of general, game, and special status wildlife species in aquatic, riparian, and upland habitats ranging from desert to alpine environments.  He has been involved in multi-year and short-term research projects focusing on behavioral characteristics or habitat relationships of species including greater sage-grouse, northern river otters, feral horses, chukar partridges, mule deer, pygmy rabbits, woodrats, bison, kit fox, several species of bats, and many others. He has experience with numerous habitat, fish, and wildlife sampling and surveying techniques including: electrofishing, gill netting, nest surveys, bird call broadcasting, aerial wildlife counts, radio-telemetry, scat surveys, animal track surveys, and remote camera sampling.  In addition to his field expertise Matt is experienced with lab-based data analyses including: fish scale identification, mammal scat based diet analysis, bird crop content based diet analysis, and dissection techniques.
Matt also has extensive experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing software.  He has performed a wide range of spatial analyses on data from many different sources.  He is experienced with vegetation and landcover classification, as well as feature extraction, using imagery from both aerial and satellite sensors.

Matt enjoys rock and ice climbing, mountain biking, skiing, backpacking, kayaking, and bird watching.  In addition to his love of outdoor sports, he is a big college sports fan and enjoys going to games with his wife, two daughters, and his son.