Cirrus Logo Neal Artz, PhD, Owner  
NEPA Specialist/Natural Resource Manager/Social Scientist

Neal ArtzNeal is a broad-based natural resource professional who has emphasized human aspects - from rural sociology to conflict resolution to policy analysis - in his career.  Since 1992, he has worked in the environmental field, becoming a founding partner of Cirrus Ecological Solutions, LC, in 2000.  He has been active in the company’s day-to-day operations and project management since its inception.  He has worked as a business manager, an environmental project manager, a natural resource management specialist, a socioeconomic analyst, a pipeline inspector, and an expert witness.  He has demonstrated expertise in social and natural sciences, environmental compliance and permitting, rangeland management, reclamation, rehabilitation, and technical writing. Prior to environmental consulting, he worked in ranching, rangeland management,vegetation/habitat analysis and fire control for federal agencies, and spent several years as a social scientist and natural resource management specialist on government-funded projects in Africa.  Prior to establishing Cirrus, he had 19 years of professional experience.

Neal was raised in rural Nevada – the son of an agency then university range manager – where his appreciation of the outdoors, natural resources, and their proper management began. In addition to work and family time, he enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including skiing, archery, fly fishing, rafting, and hiking.   Through his doctoral work on livestock and pastoral development and subsequent employment in Africa he expanded his resource- management experience and expertise internationally. Complementing his responsibilities at Cirrus, he is currently active in conservation efforts for the California condor, serving on a multi-disciplinary team that is working to reduce poisoning among wild condors due to ingestion of lead from ammunition in their diets.